Divine Design

with Denise LoVerde

Let’s bring your soul’s vision to life.

Whether you’re a brand newbie or you’ve been in the entrepreneurship game for a minute, Divine Design is the branding and website offering that will provide you with the tech tools you need to succeed.

Let’s face it.

You already have a lot going on being a badass business babe.

Between running your business to marketing and creating powerful content, you already have your hands full.

Building a website is the last thing on your list
– and likely the most hair-pulling one too. 

Here’s the thing.

I love creating beautiful brands and websites. It’s my way of artistic expression. Nothing excites me more than seeing my client’s vision come to life online beautifully-designed pages.

I’ve also been a tech nerd since I learned how to use Windows 98 (not kidding ?), and keeping up with the latest platforms and systems to make things flow easily is my jam. It also helps that I’m a Virgo rising (if you know, you know). 

It’s time to ditch the embarrassing template websites.

Get your Divine Designed.

Websites & Branding

Graphic Design

Websites + Branding

One & Done

,Consider this your online business card. These one-page websites are created for those who need something simple that gets the job done.

These are also perfect for retreats, weddings and signature offerings.

Starts at $1,111

Dance Flow Yoga
Blue Soup Creative

Prosperity Embodied 

The Whole Shebang

Let’s get your biz up and running online!

This signature offering is the whole buffet. You will receive a brand spankin’ new website of up to 7 pages, a branding kit including 3 logo variations, and up to 3 online tutorials of my favorite systems for running a smooth sailing online business.

Starts at $2,222

Denise Dimensional

Revive My Site

Already have a website that is in dire need of a makeover? Tired of the templates?

This one’s for you!

Heads up, I’m only creating websites on WordPress at the moment because of its design flexibility and affordable prices.

Starts at $1,555

Haley Comet Astrology
Diane Ambrosini
Fast Trak Permits


All websites are built on WordPress, mobile-friendly and include basic SEO.
Average turnaround time for each project varies between 4-8 weeks.

System Tutorials

This is where things get interesting. Now that you have a gorgeous website and brand with flair – what about the rest of your business?

Here’s where my expertise in all things tech gets handy. Let’s get nerdy:

• Acuity for scheduling and payment processing
• ConvertKit for email automation and sequences
• WordPress blogging for content distribution
• HelloSign for onboarding clients and legal agreements
• WooCommerce for selling your products online
• Upwork for hiring freelancers when help is needed

Custom Add Ons (prices vary)

• Branding Kit (for ‘One & Done’ and ‘Pimp My Site’ only)
• Instagram Highlights Covers
• Front & Back Business Card
• Social Media Covers and Templates
• Automated Email Sequences on ConvertKit
• WordPress Blogging
• WooCommerce Store for Product Sales
• Opt-In Freebies
• PDF Handbook/Guidebooks
• Digital Marketing consultations (by the hour)

“Denise was the most patient, thorough individual to work with. It was such a breath of fresh air to see things done right the first time and to have any feedback I gave received so gently and so lovingly. The benefit of working with Denise is she’s also an intuitive, so she magically brought some of my visions to life without me even vocalizing them to her. I’m so grateful she took my business to the next level with such a professional, authentic online representation of myself. I would recommend Denise for any design or website work a thousand times over.”
Haley G.

Haley Comet Astrology

“Denise is a brilliant web designer. She immediately understood my vision and was able to create a site that reflects my style and promotes my business in a professional, but creative fashion. She was a delight to work with and was able to get my site together under a very tight deadline. I will definitely look to Denise for future design and marketing work for my business.”
Heather S.

Founder, Dance Flow Yoga

Graphic Design

Make Things Pretty Please!

Need something designed professionally and quickly?

These can include podcast artwork, event flyers, newsletter headers, FB group covers, wedding invitations and pretty much anything else you need a graphic designer for (that’s me!)

Heads up, I’m not an illustrator, which means I don’t draw anything by hand, I’m simply an expert at putting things together and making it dazzle. 

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to create my website?

I usually book about a month in advance. Once we book the project and make the first payment, you’ll have up to 6 weeks for prep work before we dive into your branding and website collaboration. From there, the total time for the project will take 6-8 weeks, depending on how many edits are needed.

What if I only need a website and already have branding?

All good. Reach out to me below and we’ll get on a call to discuss your needs and a custom proposal. 

What if I only need branding or graphics and already have a website?

Sure! Fill out the contact form below and just let me know what you’re looking for.

Can you help me decide between WordPress and Squarespace?

I’m a little biased because I currently only work with WordPress. I use the easiest visual drag-and-drop builder out there for WordPress called Divi. It’s one of the best themes available for WordPress for a reason and I daresay, better than Squarespace because of its design capacity and flexibility. Let’s ditch templates together!

What are your payment structures?

50% of the project cost is due to kickoff the project and begin prep work time, and the remainder is due the week of completion. We can also explore breaking that up into 3 or 4 payments, with the final payment due at the end of project completion (typically 6-8 weeks).

What if I need to edit my site after the program?

You absolutely can. You’ll get a live video tutorial on how to edit and make changes to your website. I would recommend making small changes though, and nothing major as it could alter the structure and layout of the site. 

Additional pages range from $88-$222 depending on how much content needs to go on the page.

How do I maintain my site after?

It’s easy! Aside from aesthetic edits, you only need to hop into your website backend once a month to do an automatic update. If you work with me on the $44/month retainer, I’ll be taking care of these for you, along with any other minor site updates you need.  

What other costs are involved?

Typically, website hosting, custom email hosting and domain names are your only other costs when it comes to maintaining a website. Aside from these two, the systems I recommend also have monthly costs. As of September 2019:
Acuity – $25/month to be able to take payments
HelloSign – 3 free documents a month or $15/month for unlimited
ConvertKit – $29 for up to 1000 emails

I need marketing strategy help too!

I got you girl. Before I started my own business, I worked full time in a small-business digital marketing agency. For just $122/hour, you can pick my brain for all things marketing. As an intuitive, I’m also able to read the energetic yeses and noes for your marketing strategy. You’ll walk away feeling rock solid in your next steps.


“If you are looking for a web designer look no further than Denise Chang. When it comes to the technical aspect of website development Denise is thorough, patient, creatively gifted, and very professional. On top of that she brings deep wisdom concerning business and how to properly offer your work to the world that she willingly shares with her clients. I have learned so much from her in this last month, and have grown as a business owner. To add the most badass cherry on top, she is a Malaysian Chinese healer who is extremely well versed in de-colonial practices, so be ready to feel some powerful energy in each interaction with her. To work with Denise is to know you are supporting someone who exemplifies the change we wish to see in this world. I watched my vision come to life thanks to Denise, and for that I am ever grateful. Don’t wait, book a feeler call with her today!”

Meesha S.

Founder, Alchemystic Studio

“I’m in love with my website, and Denise designed it so that other people will fall in love with it too! Collaborating together was organic. Everything from the setup to the execution of the project was easy. Denise took care of me personally and professionally from start to finish. She tapped into the passion I have for my business, then combined it with her own passion and artistic mind. Now I have a captivating website – smooth, functional, and a work of art!”
Jessica F.

Founder, Fantastic Faculty

“Denise has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I love the look of our new website! It is easy to navigate, crisp, clean, professional, and the entire process was a very collaborative experience where I felt heard and she brought my vision to life! She was responsive, reactive and available whenever I had concerns. I highly recommend her website design services.”
Geri F.

Founder, Fast Trak Permits Service

Have questions? Shoot me an email at

Feeler calls are required to receive a quote on website and branding services.